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Online Tax Payment

: CBDT for Corporates


Through TIN-NSDL website

  • The Corporate assessees will access the TIN-NSDL website ( and select the 'e-Payment' option.
  • Thereafter, the Corporate assessees will select the relevant Challan (in electronic form) and fill up the details online. The mandatory details to be filled by the Corporate assessees include PAN/ TAN, Name and Address of the taxpayer, Assessment Year, Major Head, Minor Head and Type of Payment.
  • Once the data entered by the Corporate assessees is validated in the TIN central system, a drop down menu will appear indicating the name of Axis Bank offering Internet Payment facility alongwith other designated Banks.
  • On selection of Axis Bank, the Corporate assessees will be directed to the Internet Banking Module (iConnect) of Axis Bank and the taxpayer has to log in using the Corporate ID, User Id & Password issued by the Bank after selecting the Corporate Login.
  • The Corporate assessees will fill in the payment details and amount and after checking/ verifying the correctness of the particulars, the taxpayer will complete the transaction using the User Id & Transaction Password issued to him by the Bank.
  • On completion of the transaction, the Corporate assessees will be displayed a Cyber Receipt in the form of Challan which can be downloaded/ printed. This will contain all details available that are usually given in the hard copy of the taxpayer's Counterfoil including Challan Identification Number (CIN).

To make e-Payment, click here

Through Corporate iConnect

  • Registration
    • The Corporate assessees having their Current Account along with Corporate iConnect facility will be required to do a one-time registration in Corporate iConnect for CBDT e-Payments with PAN/ TAN and other details like Name, Address, etc.
    • The Registration details i.e. PAN/ TAN data as provided by the Corporate assessees during Registration would be verified by the Bank centrally using NSDL's PAN/ TAN verification service.
    • Once the PAN/ TAN is verified, the Registration will be confirmed by the Bank within 24 hours after which the Corporate assessees can start making payments.
  • Payments
    • For payments, the Corporate assessees have to login in to Corporate iConnect with their Corporate ID, User ID & Password and select the CBDT e-Payment option.
    • The various Challan templates have been created within Corporate iConnect as per the Income Tax Department guidelines with validations similar to the Challans hosted at TIN-NSDL website for the present e-Payment system.
    • The Corporate assessees have to select the relevant Challan applicable for their payment and enter all the required details such as Tax Major Head, Minor Head, Assessment Year, Amount with break-up.
    • After ensuring the correctness of all the details entered in the Challan the Corporate assessees can authorise the payment using the Enterer-Approver/ Maker-Checker feature.
    • Thereafter, on execution of the payment, the Corporate assessees will be able to download/ print a Cyber Receipt in the form of Challan including Challan Identification Number (CIN) for their reference and record.

Availability of the Facility

  • For Payment of Income Tax, Corporation Tax & Other Direct Taxes.
  • To the Customer having a Current Account with any Branch of the Bank and registered for Corporate iConnect (Internet Banking) facility of the Bank with Funds Transfer Facility.
  • For payment through TIN-NSDL website, the Corporate assessees have to obtain Separate Corporate ID, User Ids & Passwords for e-Payments through the Branch where their Account is maintained.

Payment Timings

  • This is a 24*7*365 facility and as such customers can make payment any time of the day.
  • All payments effected up to 8 p.m. will be accounted for the same day. All payments effected after 8 p.m. and on holidays will be accounted for on the next working day.


  • Ease of operation and convenience.
  • Facility is available 24*7*365 basis.
  • One can pay on behalf of the firm, company and others.
  • Online payment of taxes from Desktop.
  • Online filing of Challan with immediate acknowledgement of payments.
  • Cyber Receipt in the form of Challan including CIN can be downloaded/ printed for reference and record.

To make e-Payment, click here

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