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The new smart choice for sending money to India from across the globe.

AxisRemit provides reliable and cheap online money transfer services for NRIs residing in all major NRI geographies viz. USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, UAE and Singapore.

Exciting offers and rewards
Zero remittance fee
Assured gift on sign-up*
Attractive foreign exchange rates.
Winners of free return ticket to India**
  • Zero remittance fee

    AxisRemit deducts a flat forex conversion charge of Rs. 25 per remittance from the proceeds payable to beneficiary. For issue of demand drafts in the name of beneficiaries a further DD issue charge of Rs. 150 per DD is deducted from beneficiary proceeds.

  • Assured gift on sign-up*

    Assured sign-up gift for all new remitters who initiate their first transaction before 31st August 2009.

    *All new AxisRemit customers who do their first successful remittance to India using AxisRemit will get an attractive and collectible early-bird gift!! The gift is couriered to the domestic (Indian) address of the remitter/beneficiary. Due to logistical constraints AxisRemit will not entertain any requests for sending the gift to any overseas (non-Indian) address.

  • Attractive foreign exchange rates.

    Foreign Exchange Rates are dynamic and keep on changing every day. AxisRemit commitment is that the exchange rate displayed on our website is the exact rate at which forex conversions are happening for that day.

  • Winners of free return ticket to India**

    Announcement of Winner of Lucky Draw

    Draw No. Period Draw Date Name of Winner Country
    1 15th Nov'08 - 30th Nov'08 18th Dec'08 Atul Sharma USA
    2 01st Dec'08 - 15th Dec'08 22nd Dec'08 Ashvind Dadhania USA
    3 01st Dec'08 - 15th Dec'08 22nd Dec'08 Ganesh Venkat USA
    4 16th Dec'08 - 31st Dec'08 12th Jan'09 Ajay Kumar Surana Singapore
    5 16th Dec'08 - 31st Dec'08 12th Jan'09 Srikanth Padipally USA
    6 1st Jan'09 - 8th Jan'09 22nd Jan'09 Sudhaker Chatlapalli Australia -
    7 9th Jan'09 - 15th Jan'09 22nd Jan'09 Roshni Rathore United Kingdom -
    8 16th Jan'09 - 23rd Jan'09 6th Feb'09 Yamini Khandekar USA
    9 24th Jan'09 - 31st Jan'09 6th Feb'09 Lakhjit Dheman USA
    10 1st Feb'09 - 8th Feb'09 20th Feb'09 Dipta Bhanu Ghosh USA
    11 9th Feb'09 - 15th Feb'09 20th Feb'09 Ashok Bagri United Kingdom -
    12 16th Feb'09 - 20th Feb'09 3rd March'09 Santanu Mitra Singapore -
    13 21st Feb'09 - 28th Feb'09 3rd March'09 Ashok Ambati USA
    14 1st Mar'09 - 8th Mar'09 9th April'09 Rajesh Talele USA
    15 9th Mar'09 - 16th Mar'09 9th April'09 Ramana Adusumilli USA -
    16 17th Mar'09 - 23rd Mar'09 9th April'09 Suyog Kotecha Singapore
    17 24th Mar'09 - 31st Mar'09 9th April'09 Syed Moeenuddin USA

    All NRIs who had sent remittance of more than Rs.50,000 using AxisRemit till 31st March 2009 were included for a weekly lucky draw wherein one lucky winner got a free return air-ticket to India. This promotion was valid for remittances made till 31st March 2009 only.

    **The flight ticket is available only on select airlines between select airports across the world. While all efforts will be made to provide a flight plan that is most convenient to the winner, AxisRemit will not be able to assure that the embarkation and destination points are as per the first choice of the winner. The winner will have to comply with the documentation, visa and other regulatory formalities for international travel and AxisRemit will not be responsible for any delay or inconvenience caused due to the failure of the winner to comply with the documentation requirements. The winner will be selected by lots in a properly documented and recorded internal process and the decision of AxisRemit in this matter will be final and binding. The airticket should be in the name of the winner or his/her close relatives and any request for issue of tickets in the name of others would not be entertained. All taxes payable on the winning prize shall be to the account of the winner and the winner will be required to provide upfront funding of the tax payout (withholding tax/TDS etc) required to be made by AxisRemit on behalf of the winners. AxisRemit's liability and responsibility to the winner is limited to providing him/her a free to and fro air-ticket (subject to payment of taxes by the winner & completion of documentation required) from an airport in the country of residence of the winner to an airport in India, on dates very close to the indicative travel dates conveyed by the winner. However AxisRemit will make best efforts to exactly match the indicative travel dates conveyed by the winners and also strive to provide reasonably convenient embarkation and destination airports to all winners. AxisRemit assumes no incidental, ancillary or collateral liability either directly or obliquely for any damages, harms, hardships or losses caused by usage of the free flight ticket by the winners. Any dispute regarding this promotion or any other aspects relating to AxisRemit shall be subject to Mumbai jurisdiction and Indian laws will apply.

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